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Empowering businesses with user-friendly technology & Products that enhance operations and productivity

Gennexttechnologies deliver top of the line IT and automated solutions for enterprises. Our core values lie in blending creativity, reality and business acumen to deliver next generation products and solutions.

Whether it is application development, product engineering, mobile application development or cloud computing technology, we have been major players and done it all! We aren’t mere solution providers; we want cutting-edge technology to be a part of you & your business, be it a small, medium or large scale business, our technology is tailored for each one of them.

Our lineup of automation technology includes products like cloud based attendance systems, visitor management systems, canteen management systems, student attendance systems, vehicle tracking systems and gym management systems.

Our Vision

Gennexttechnologies is a leading provider of state-of-the-art IT solutions & automation products that are custom designed to optimize business processes. We help enterprises improve their profitability, through the application of intelligent technology solutions. Looking forward into the future, Gennexttechnologies renders enterprises, leverage result oriented technology.

Our Mission

At Gennexttechnologies we strive to create and deliver tailored Web Technology & Automation Solutions that delivers results in a competitive and dynamic market. Our technology drives businesses to become more simple, competitve, intuitive and buoyant. We, at Gennexttechnologies are a cohesive group of people that believes in the true meaning of technology and continiously work to design and develop intelligent systems that aim to empower clients and build relationships to create a loyal band of customers.

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Minanath Dhaske
IT Manager at L & T Limited
Sanjay Tripati
IT Manager
Deepak Wagh
Service Manager at DAccess
Alisha Sharma
Sales Manager
Sumit Gavali
IT Manager
Akash Khude
Producation Manager

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