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Application Developments

Building Business Applications that are Powerful, Elastic & Agile

From our experience in the technology playfield, we design and develop solutions that meet the challenges of the dynamic market. Our web application development solutions are designed, developed and deployed to meet customer needs and requirements. Technology at Gennexttechnologies, builds simple, reliable, & secure web applications. Our rigorous methodologies deliver solutions that are easy to use, save time, increase communication, mitigate risk & deliver cost and time-to-market benefits.

With a plethora of advanced web application development models and frameworks we help clients transform their businesses. We are continuously striving to design, develop and deploy robust methodologies, processes and tools with top notch quality assessments to deliver solutions that transform your business.

Development Cycle

Gennext Technologies delivers high quality products to all its clients, our products are designed, developed and tested to meet the expectations of customers from all over the globe. We help clients leverage technology and render products that help businesses in a cost-effective manner.

Product Engineering

Constant Innovation with Rich Technology and Industry Vision

Technology demands have increased many fold in the past few years, as well as the dynamics of holistic consumerism has been refined. Clients and consumers demand top quality products and solutions with fresh designs, a simplified and superior user experience and functionality. Optimizing business processes needs brain storming innovation,development , re-engineering, process optimization, customization, strategy, competitive analysis, and marketing.

Gennexttechnologies, works in-depth with its clients to know their needs and requirements in terms of Ideation, Design, Development, & Release Management. With each step of the process, our development phase includes Product Reengineering, Mobile Enablement, & SaaS Enablement. Each product is tested to the ‘T’, with various phases of relase testing, quality assurance, regression & stress testing, performance & integration testing, stringent certification protocols.

Product engineering for us is just not development, but superior support service after the product has been deployed.That includes Maintenance & Support, Bugs Fixes, and much more. Gennexttechnologies is constantly striving to design & deliver sophisticated products for various business collaterals, to reduce total cost of ownership & reduce time to-market while ensurnig quality.

How We do it

Product Engineering at Gennext Technologies takes place through a series of phases where we Develop, Test and also provide Support for all our products. We stay in touch with the latest technology & design to leverage a competitive edge with high scalability and growth for enterprises.

Product Development

  • Ideation, Design, Development and Release Management
  • Product Reengineering
  • RIA Enablement
  • Mobile Enablement
  • SaaS Enablement

Product Testing

  • Release Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Regression and Stress Testing
  • Performance, Integration and Compatibility Testing
  • Certification

Product Maintenance

  • Support and Maintenance
  • Bug Fixes, Patches and Service Packs
  • Product Enhancement
  • Problem Resolution

Mobile Application Developments

Leverage Enterprise Mobile Solutions for a Dynamic Marketplace

Innovation demands out-of-the-box thinking for a sophisticated user experience. Gennextechnologies provides best in class mobile app development on all major platforms or frameworks used for mobile app development. Ourexpertise in mobility solutions include enterprise, e-commerce,utility mobile apps and lots more. We develop apps that solve complex business problems and open up new opportunities to grow your business. Gennexttechnologies leverages the power of technology to create a secure design and development environment through testing and quality assurance to bring about enterprise innovation to life.

Our complete suite of feature rich solutions include video streaming, real-time notifications, data synchronization and lots more.Our Mobile Development Architecture includes – a superior architecture for next generation mobile applications, strategy & deployment, stringent test autoimation, platform customization, UX design & support. You quest for superior mobile application development for iOS, Android, & Windows ends here! Our motto lies in long term business relationships, and customer satisfaction to achieve business objectives.

We are everything you need to make your App Awesome

Our mobile apps are best in class on all major platforms and frameworks. We build relationships & loyalty, increase brand visibility & accessibility and connect you with on- the- go customers & increase your sell-through.

Cloud Computing

Enterprise Applications Delivered on Elastic Technology

Business applications are moving on the cloud as traditional infrastructure technology has become very complicated and expensive. Traditional technology needs experts to deploy, run and update hardware and software,this can be very tedious and daunting. Cloud computing technology gives businesses the leverage to deploy and scale resources whenever they are required. Apps hosted on the cloud can be up and running in a matter of hours and can be accessed on the browser with a customized login process. Cloud Computing also delivers metered service where you only pay for what you use.

Cloud computing delivers scalability, flexibility and reliability at all times. Gennexttechnologies delivers hajeri 365, a cloud based attendance system that reduces administrative efforts and tasks, thereby saving time with continuous precision and accuracy, this enhances employee productivity. We have designed a cloud based attendance system that serves different business collaterals like manufacturing, transport, retail and many more. Our cloud based attendance system renders clients to simplify scheduling, integrate HR & payroll applications and in turn boost employee productivity.

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