Vehicle Tracking System

A complete suite of Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Solutions

Turn to GPS enabled tracking and Fleet Management for enhanced security and optimized business processes.

  • Overview

    Vehicle tracking systems are crucial for people & business owners to manage their business assets and resources. Accurate information about a vehicle improves communication & collaboration; it also helps improve access to vital data that can save time & money.

    GPS tracking systems from Gennexttechnologies are easy to use, our combination of computer & wireless technology delivers top quality vehicle tracking systems for a single vehicle or a fleet of vehicles. Our technology is tested, certified and activated so that you can start tracking your vehicles as soon as it is deployed.

    A comprehensive vehicle reporting system helps you manage your employees by improving schedule management; predict accurate arrival times, reducing employee downtime, thereby improving business operations.

    Track Real Time

    Real-time tracking of vehicles improves communication, thereby monitoring and protecting valuable assets and optimize business processes.

    GEO Zones

    Control sales, enhance coverage and reduce time with comprehensive customization of GEO zones, i.e. virtual demarcations such as country, state, or city on entry and exit of Geo-Zones.

    Daily Summary Emails

    Summarized emails and alerts of vehicle movement from one destination to another, response time, speed limits, and much more.

    Safe Mode

    A Safe mode for usage of smart phones when driving, our vehicle tracking system prevents employees from using their cell phones or smart phones whilst driving.


    Automated reports such as movement report, over speeding report, stoppage reports, and utilization reports are generated, that can be downloaded or sent by email.

    Save Fuel Cost

    Real-time monitoring of fuel, distance, speed management and location saves fuel cost reduces personal use of fleet vehicles, improves vehicle maintenance and also detects fuel theft.

    Global Positioning System

    Keeping track of your vehicle is the first and foremost step towards safety protocols. GPS tracking systems from Gennexttechnologies allows you to manage these valuable assets and resources effectively. Our real-time GPS tracking systems deliver real-time information, as well as live feeds and reports to manage resources effectively. GPS technology from Gennexttechnologies renders your vehicle and feet, safety, reduced fuel costs, reduced overtime, and improved productivity.


    • Live Tracking
    • History Tracking
    • SOS Emergency Signal
    • Geofencing
    • Overspeeding
    • Audio Monitoring
    • Stoppage


    • Low Power alarm
    • Ignition Alert
    • Over speed Alert
    • Geofence Alert
    • Temperature Alert
    • Fuel Alert
    • School Pickup-Drop Alert

    Emergency Cases

    • Low Power alarm
    • SMS Alert
    • Calling to SOS Mobile No.
    • One way Communication
    • Cut off Power or Electricity Any One function from Center No.

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