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  • Overview

    Visitor management systems are crucial for enterprises, thus when it comes to compiling and data supervision, Gennexttechnologies delivers state of the art visitor tracking systems like visitrack to handle large quantities of data and visitors. The traditional methods of a paper log book are long gone, this method little to no security about visitor information. The Visitrack system automates the entire registration process by printing a badge and collecting complete information by scanning a specific identification proof.

    With Gennexttechnologies visitor management system, visits, and events can be pre-scheduled in advance, unscheduled visits can be handled & long waiting hours can be reduced. Visitrack saves a lot of time with online visitor registration and verification by sending notifications in advance. Visitor Management Systems from Gennexttechnologies are completely customized, flexible to meet the needs of enterprises with stringent visitor protocols and policies.

    Keep track of each visitor with photo and identity proof

    Visitrack, visitor management system enhances security by streamlining visitor check-in and implementing a badge system.

    Import Visitor Data through an Excel Sheet

    Comprehensive visitor data can be imported and analyzed accurately through multiple locations.

    Systematic Visitor Scheduling

    Visitors can be scheduled in a systematic way depending on the time slot of a host employee and a notification will be sent to the respective host employee about various visitor schedules.

    Get Head Counts of Visitors on the Fly

    An easy to use interface delivers an easy accessible record of all the visitors.

    Recording of actual In and Out time of visitors

    Visitrack captures accurate In and Out time of visitors whilst screening unwanted visitors, thereby enhancing the check-in process.


    By installing a webcam to capture photo on the visitor sign in software computer, a photo of the visitor will be captured when the visitor register or sign in. The captured photo can be printed on the visitor pass/badge.

    Card Reader

    There is no need to spend hours manually entering piles of business cards into your database anymore. A business card scanner can do it for you, quickly transferring and organizing contact information into digitally transcribed contacts. With a business card scanner, you can scan a large numbers of business cards.


    Don’t waste time manually entering contact information! The Card app allows you to scan multiple business cards at once, providing an easy way to keep your contact list up to date.

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